Daegu FC weak to ‘rain’ ‥ Gwangju away 1-1 draw

Daegu FC, which has shown a weakness for games played in the rain, had to settle for a 1-1 draw against Gwangju, a team with a winning formula.

Daegu played out a 1-1 draw against Gwangju FC in the 23rd round of the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 at the Gwangju Football Stadium on Friday evening, their third meeting of the season and the first of a two-game road trip against the promoted side, to remain in fifth place with 33 points.

With Choi Won-kwon making changes to his starting lineup against the tactically-minded Lee Jung-hyo, the game was a battle of wits, with the variable of ‘rain’ preventing both teams from playing the kind of football they wanted.메이저놀이터

It was Gwangju who scored the opening goal against Daegu, who lost possession and kept counterattacking. Gwangju took a 1-0 lead in the 15th minute, thanks to a surprise goal from Joo Young-jae, who has only seven games of K League 1 experience.

However, Daegu’s experienced starting lineup equalized with Lee Geun-ho’s goal in the seventh minute, and despite Gwangju’s ball possession and Daegu’s constant counterattacks, the game ended without a goal.

In the second half, Daegu brought on Sejingya and Park Se-jin to try and revitalize the team, and later pushed the pace through Vasellus and Jang Jang-won, but all failed to produce a result.

The rain that fell in the Gwangju area was a big factor in the match. Daegu, who have a history of being weak in rainy weather matches, were unable to play to their strengths of speed and counter-attack as the slippery ground and the weight of the ball combined to make it difficult for the rain-soaked players.

For Daegu, it was a disappointing end to a four-match winning streak away to Gwangju, and a disappointing draw in three of their last four matches.

Desperate for a win, Daegu will look to extend their unbeaten streak to five matches and their third straight win in the Daejeon season with a victory next Saturday against Daejeon Hana Citizens.


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