Cops busted for drunk driving after work…some with overtime pay

A police officer working for the Ulsan National Police Agency was caught driving while intoxicated.

During the investigation, it was discovered that his fellow officers who had been drinking with him had falsely applied for overtime pay메이저사이트.

Reporter Shin Gun Shin covered the story.


On the evening of the 9th, 14 police officers from the Ulsan Police Department’s security division had a dinner party. After the party, Captain A walked back to the building and drove home, and was caught in a sobriety checkpoint.

His blood alcohol level at the time was 0.125%. This was a license revocation level.

The police removed him from duty and began disciplinary proceedings.

This wasn’t the only problem.

It turns out that other officers had requested overtime pay for time spent at a party.

After returning to the office, the officers who attended the party filed for overtime, and even fingerprinted their time clock.

In all, seven of the 14 officers reportedly filed for overtime under these false pretenses.

Their fraudulent overtime entries, which could have gone unnoticed, came to light when the Inspector General’s Office investigated Captain A’s drunk driving.

The Ulsan National Police Agency said it was checking the facts with the parties and could not reveal more details.

However, it did say that no overtime was paid, and there will be no disciplinary action as there are no regulations to punish the mistake.

From drunk driving to falsely entering overtime pay, police misconduct is crossing the line.

This is a new report from KBS News.


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