Controversy over non-compliance with Chungcheong Universiade Organizing Committee

Conflicts are brewing, such as the Korea Sports Association requesting’compliance with regulations’ for the personnel of the recently launched 2027 Chungcheong Summer World University Games (Universiade) Organizing Committee. 

On the 27th of last month, the Korea Sports Association sent an official document in the name of President Lee Ki-heung to the organizing committee of the event. In the official document, it was written, “Attempts to hold the event must comply with relevant laws, regulations, and prior agreements that require prior consultation with the government and sports associations on the composition of the organizing committee.” 

The 2027 Chungcheong Summer Universiade was decided to be hosted by the International University Sports Federation (FISU메이저사이트) in November last year. The Organizing Committee of the Games was launched on March 24 with an inaugural general meeting in Sejong City. 

The organizing committee is jointly headed by the heads of four local governments, including Daejeon, Sejong, and Chungcheongbuk-do. In addition, Vice Chairman Lee Chang-seop (former chairman of the National Sports Promotion Corporation) and Secretary General Yoon Kang-ro (advisor of the National Sports Promotion Corporation) were appointed as working-level staff.

However, the Sports Association claims that the ‘2027 34th Summer World University Games Hosting Agreement’ was not properly implemented. At the time, the Korea Sports Council President Lee Ki-heung and the heads of 4 provincial governments △compliance with the regulations of the sports association and FISU sites △contents of marketing and profit in cooperation with hosting the games, as well as an agreement stating that “the organizing committee will be formed in consultation with the sports association after the host city is confirmed.” signed on 

According to the Korea Sports Association, there was no prior notice to the Sports Association during the process of major executives of the organizing committee. Vice Chairman Lee Chang-seop and Secretary-General Yoon Kang-ro are experts in the sports world, but the Sports Association is concerned about the fact that they have no experience in managing an international competition. 

The personnel composition of the organizing committee must also be discussed with FISU in advance, but this part was not well followed. The agreement between FISU and Chungcheong Province states that ‘the host partner must obtain advice and approval from FISU regarding the composition and members of the organizing committee.’ It is known that FISU gave negative opinions to the Sports Association after reviewing the list of members of the organizing committee.

Chairman Lee Ki-heung voiced criticism, saying, “The organization of the organizing committee that was launched without abiding by the agreements signed with the government, sports associations, and FISU is fundamentally invalid.”


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