College student dies after being hit by garbage truck on campus‥”I knew it was going to happen”

Two days ago, a student heading to class on the campus of a university in Seoul was struck and killed by a garbage collection vehicle.

Police are investigating the exact circumstances of the accident against the driver of the vehicle, a man in his 80s.

Reporter Koo Na-yeon reports.

◀ Report ▶

At around 8:45 a.m., a garbage collection vehicle메이저사이트 hit a third-year student at Dongdeok Women’s University who was heading to her classroom to attend her first period class.

The vehicle, driven by a man in his 80s, was coming down the hill collecting trash from inside the school.

Unable to brake in time for the steep slope, the vehicle struck the student who was walking in the road.

Failing to slow down after the accident, the vehicle continued right up to the school wall.

In place of the collapsed wall, wooden shingles and shattered bricks are a testament to the impact of the accident.

[Nam Joo-hye/Accident Witness]
“I was on my way home after spending the night in the library because it was exam time, and I saw a student lying on the crosswalk, bleeding, and the truck had broken the front end.”

The student was taken to the hospital shortly after the accident, but passed away around 7:20 p.m. this evening, two days later.

Upon hearing the news of the horrific accident on the campus where they live every day, students said, “I knew there would be a big accident someday.

[Dongdeok Women’s University student]
“I thought it was dangerous every time I walked up this hill, and sometimes there’s some trash on the side of the road, so there are often trucks…”

The school’s position is that it will only take action after a fatal accident.

[Hong Won-sik/Dongdeok Women’s University Public Relations Team Leader]
“We will do our best to prepare comprehensive safety measures and strengthen safety facilities to prevent accidents from recurring.”

Police have filed charges of “traffic fatalities” against the driver and plan to investigate the exact circumstances of the accident.


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