College Football Rankings Released: No Change In The Top Five

The latest college football polls have been released, and although they do not mean much at this point in the season, fans everywhere are always happy to see where their team is ranked. The Oklahoma Sooners and their fan base can rejoice in the fact that they are yet again the number one team in both major polls.

The top five teams in the country are the same in both the AP Top 25 and the USA Today Poll. Oklahoma is followed by Alabama, LSU, Boise State, and Florida State. All of the teams except the Seminoles received first place votes in the AP Poll, and Oklahoma, Alabama, and LSU received first place votes in the USA Today Poll. 메이저놀이터

One thing is certain after seeing the results of the latest polls, the top five will not remain intact another week. The top ranked Sooners travel to Tallahassee next Saturday for a showdown with the resurgent Seminoles. FSU is looking to prove that they once again belong on a national stage.

The first two weeks of the season has seen the Seminoles and Sooners demolish much lesser opponents. The two teams will now have to deal with getting ready for an opponent that is their equal. Last year, the Sooners steamrolled the Seminoles in Oklahoma, but that was a much different FSU team than the one the Sooners will face on Saturday.

Spots six through ten is where the two polls begin to differ. The AP Poll has Stanford at six, Wisconsin seven, Oklahoma State eighth, and Texas A&M and Nebraska nine and ten. The USA Today Poll also has Stanford sixth, but has the Cowboys seventh, followed by Wisconsin at eight. Nine and ten are the same.

Ohio State remains in the top twenty despite having to deal with several suspensions from the tattoo scandal fallout. The Buckeyes travel down to South Florida next weekend to face the Miami Hurricanes, another team that has had to deal with suspensions in the early part of the new season. Miami will be getting many of their starters back in time for the Ohio State game.


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