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‘Choi Geon-joo and Choi Ji-mook’ Busan, reinforcement of power throughout the air and defense

Correspondent Kang Dong-hoon = Professional soccer K League 2 Busan I-Park has reinforced its strength across the air and defense. With Choi Geon-joo (23) and Choi Ji-mook (24), they strengthened the offense and defense respectively. This is the second and third recruitment this winter, following the Brazilian midfielder Peshin (24).

Choi Geon-joo is a striker with good speed and excellent break-through ability. This earned him the nickname ‘Konkuk University Mbappe’ during his college days. He is not only focused on offense, but also participates in defense a lot. He is good at individual breakthroughs, and his strength is that he has a lot of activity. He took his first professional step at Ansan Greeners (K2) in 2020 and played in 84 prof

Choi Geon-joo, who gave his first impression of Busan, saying, “There is a lot of fighting spirit, there are many young players, and the teamwork is good.” I talked about my impressions of the second day.

In response to the question of what efforts to make for Busan’s rebound, Choi Geon-joo said, “To raise the rankings, you have to win a lot of games. You have to score goals and block goals to win. I think I can do it. I want to score a lot of goals and record a lot of assists.”

Finally, Choi Geon-joo said, “I want the team to be promoted, and I want to be with that promotion. I have to do well and I have to show it. I will prepare well.” I heard the 토토 story. I think that I can work this hard because of the fans, and I think that my will is stronger. I will show a good image and play a lot of games where I can win.”

Choi Ji-mook is a resource that can be digested both as a left-back and as a center-back. He has a good grasp of the overall flow and has a decent left foot build-up ability. He kicks the ball sensibly, shows organic movements, crosses in the attacking area, and actively participates in the attack. He made his professional debut in 2020 at Seongnam FC (K2). He played full-time from the opening of his first season, proving the potential he had built up over the years, and has built up his competitive edge over the past three years.

In addition, Choi Ji-mook drew attention early last year when he was selected as a substitute for the Turkiye battery training list in preparation for the 2022 International Football Federation (FIFA) Qatar World Cup Asian final qualifiers. Although his debut was canceled, his surprise selection proved his presence and showed his potential as a next-generation prospect.

When asked how he felt about participating in winter training in Busan, Choi Ji-mook replied, “The training is intense and systematic. The coaches put a lot of fighting spirit into it, and the training atmosphere is bright and good.”

Also, when asked about the ‘special move’ that Choi Ji-mook can do to advance to a higher rank in the 2023 season, “I think I need to be more active when defending. I think I need to create synergy by leading young players well through my leadership.”

Lastly, Choi Ji-mook expressed his determination, saying, “As a soccer player, I think you have to show your ability on the pitch. Instead of saying it in words, I 메이저사이트 will try to repay you with good performance when the fans come to the stadium.”