‘Chicken price hike’ launched by Kyochon… Nene Pelicana and some stores also joined

While Kyochon Chicken raised the price of most chickens in April, it was confirmed that some franchise stores have partially raised the price of chicken in the delivery app. It is known that the industry has put forward a position that there is no choice because of the rise in raw material prices.

According to the industry on the 22nd, some affiliates such as Nene Chicken, Cheogatjip Seasoned Chicken, and Pelicana Chicken recently raised the price of delivery app menus such as Baedal Minjok.

Some franchisees of Nene Chicken increased the price of representative menus such as Oriental Green Onion Chicken by 1,000 to 2,000 won메이저사이트. In the case of oriental green onion chicken, the official selling price is 19,000 won, but some franchisees sell it at a price of more than 20,000 won on delivery apps.

Some franchisees of Cheogatjip Seasoned Chicken are selling Supreme Seasoned Chicken with an official selling price of 21,000 won and Truffle Supreme Seasoned Chicken with an official selling price of 22,000 won by 1,000 won each.

Pelicana and some affiliated stores are also selling some menus by raising the price by about 1,000 won on the delivery app. Half and half chicken and seasoned chicken cost 20,000 won.

Meanwhile, Kyochon Chicken, which raised the price in April, is currently holding a 3,000 won discount event on its delivery app.


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