Carrot’s team wages delayed again

The same situation was reproduced in a month. Salary payments to the Carrot squad have been delayed again.

According to the Jumpball coverage, Carrot, who was concerned about the delayed payment of the team’s salary last month, failed to pay the salary on the set date this month as well. Carrot’s salary is paid on the 5th of each month. After an away game against Seoul SK on the 5th, Carrot informed the players that their salaries would be paid later than the scheduled date. 안전놀이터

It’s like deja vu. Carrot also failed to pay salaries to the players, coaching staff, and secretariat on the 5th, the scheduled date last month. At that time, on January 4, the day before, Carrot asked for understanding from the players, saying, “Payment of salaries will be delayed for one week.”

Carrot seemed to put out an urgent fire by paying overdue salaries to the players on January 10, three days earlier than the promised date, but the same thing happened again in a month. Even in February, the team continued to exercise while not receiving salaries on a set date.

Carrot finished with 2 wins and 2 losses on a forced march in 4 games over the past week. The fighting spirit of the players deserves high praise, but the club’s finances still seem to be walking a precarious tightrope.


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