Carrot, if he can’t make 1 billion, he will fail in the 6th round PO

Carrot reaffirmed his position regarding the payment of the special dues. If the balance of 1 billion won is not paid by March 31, advances to the playoffs in the round of 6 will be automatically frustrated. In this case, the 7th placed team will go to the playoffs in place of Carrot.안전놀이터

KBL held the 28th 3rd extraordinary general meeting on the 16th (Thu) at 8:30 am at the KBL Center in Nonhyeon-dong.

At the extraordinary general meeting on this day, three club owners were approved: Jeong Jong-pyo, president of Wonju DB, Kim Jong-hyun, CEO of Seoul Samsung, and Choi Yeon-hye, president of Korea Gas Corporation in Daegu. Anyang KGC executive director Lee Jong-rim’s change of general manager was also approved. 

In addition, KBL reaffirmed that it would disallow the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Professional Basketball playoffs if Goyang Carrot, which is experiencing financial difficulties, cannot pay the remaining 1 billion won in special dues (subscription fee) by March 31. 

Carrot once again expressed his position that he would faithfully fulfill his obligations as a member, saying, “I will pay the special membership fee within the deadline.” 

If Carrot is placed in the top 6 in the regular league, the next-lower team will move up the rankings one step instead of Carrot and go to the playoffs for the round of 6.

If Carrot finishes the regular season with the current ranking of 5th, the 6th ranked team will be assigned the 5th seed and the 7th ranked team will advance to the playoffs. This policy has already been discussed at the emergency board meeting on October 11 last year. 


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