‘Captain’ Son Heung-min is also in trouble because of Klinsmann’s lack of trust… Everyone should not be a victim

“I am also Korean, and I understand the fans’ position. However, the director may also have thoughts.”

Son Heung-min (Tottenham), the ‘captain’ of the national soccer team, cautiously opened his mouth about the leader who left his leadership and lost public trust after being embroiled in a controversy over attendance. As it was a sensitive question, it was difficult for him to answer logically, and as the leader of the national team, he could not hide his embarrassment at the unprecedented external issues of the coach.

Son Heung-min met with domestic reporters, including this newspaper, in the common coverage area immediately after the Wales away game (0-0 draw) on the 8th (Korean time), and Jurgen Klinsmann (Germany), who has been embroiled in controversy over his frequent outings and attendance since taking office in February. ) Regarding the national soccer team coach, “As someone who has been with the national team for a long time, I clearly understand the fans’ position. “It’s because his arms are bent inward,” he said. “It doesn’t mean that the director is always right, nor does it mean that the fan is always right. Football keeps changing. “I think the coach will study how to apply modern soccer to Korean soccer (through his time living abroad),” he said. He also emphasized, “I think it is natural for soccer fans to think that way, but the coach will definitely have his own thoughts.”

Son Heung-min may have been concerned that soccer fans who were greatly shocked and hurt by Coach Klinsmann’s actions would be hurt, but he repeated the tone of ‘I sympathize’ twice. He also did not omit comments that left room for a positive view toward the coach as the captain of the national team.

Looking at it the other way, the burden on Son Heung-min, who has heavy shoulders under Coach Klinsmann’s system, has increased. The second September international match against Saudi Arabia, to be held in Newcastle, England at 1:30 a.m. on the 13th, is playing out like Klinsmann’s guillotine match.

Coach Klinsmann, who took office last February, has played 5 games so far, recording 3 draws and 2 losses, and has yet to win his debut as Korea’s head coach. Coach Klinsmann is the first foreign coach in history to be without a win in five games. Even though they have the most big leaguers of all time, including Son Heung-min, Lee Kang-in (Paris Saint-Germain), Kim Min-jae (Bayern Munich), and Lee Jae-seong (Mainz), they are consistent with ‘colorless and odorless’ tactics.

Regarding his early performance, domestic public opinion is more patient than before. The former head coach, Paulo Bento (Portugal), the current coach of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) national team, also performed poorly in major games and tournaments in the beginning, but after four years with Korea, he made it to the round of 16 at the Qatar World Cup last year. However, Coach Bento had a clear concept of ‘backward build-up’ from the beginning of his tenure, and has improved the level of completion over the past four years. There is criticism that Coach Klinsmann only calls for ‘offensive soccer’ and that he does not display any distinct colors. Immediately after the Wales game, in which Son Heung-min had only one effective shot, he consistently gave a vague answer to the reporter’s question, “What kind of soccer did you want to show?” by saying, “I aim for the growth of young players.”

Regardless of athletic performance, what is causing trust to drop to the bottom is work attitude. Coach Klinsmann stayed in Korea for less than two months during his seven months in office. He traveled back and forth between the United States, where his home is located, and Europe, and was criticized for appearing on broadcasts unrelated to the national team’s work. There was concern that K-League players or Asian League players, who make up the core of the national team, were being ignored. To put it bluntly, the saying that ‘K-League players must catch the eye of Coach Cha Du-ri’ is being spread around like an established fact.메이저사이트

The ‘Klinsmann Risk’ is having a negative impact on the national team members. There are immediate concerns that Coach Cha Du-ri, who joined the coaching staff after assisting as an advisor after Coach Klinsmann’s appointment, may become a shield. Also, in the absence of tactics, Son Heung-min followed the coach’s instructions and played the role of ‘offensive free roll’ in the Wales game. It relies on his individual tactics rather than clear partial tactics, but he carries too much of a burden both on and off the pitch.

In the match against Wales, Coach Klinsmann was assessed as being unable to bring out the capabilities of the Europeans, who had no time difference, and the K-League players, who were in good condition. Hong Hyun-seok (Gent), who scored multiple goals in the Belgian league before being called up, was placed on the side instead of his main position as central midfielder, and Lee Sun-min (Gwangju), a multi-defense resource, was deployed forward to Hwang In-beom (Crvena Zvezda) in the second half, which was irregular. I used it, but it had no effect. Lee Ki-je (Suwon Samsung) and Jeong Seung-hyun (Ulsan Hyundai), who were selected as the starting four-back defense players, have also performed poorly in the league recently, and the effects were revealed in the match against Wales. This is why there are suspicions that Coach Klinsmann does not carefully observe players and use them.

In the match against Wales, Hwang In-beom and Hwang Ui-jo (Norwich City), who had not played in the actual game recently due to transfer issues and a loan transfer after being out of contention for the starting position, also played. Immediately after the game, Hwang In-beom admitted that he was not normal, saying, “It is difficult (when playing) when you have lost your sense of the game for a long period of time like me.”

One senior soccer player said, “Even if players don’t seem to be aware of it, they are influenced by issues outside of the coach. He pointed out, “Because we don’t communicate with the players and (K League) coaches at close range, we don’t feel as close as we did with the previous Bentoho.” Another leader said, “If you look at the game, there is a question mark as to whether the condition and usage of the existing main agents are carefully checked before being released. He also pointed out that failing to form a consensus (with the Korean soccer community) in the early stages of his tenure will entail great risks in the long term.”

In this atmosphere, Coach Klinsmann continued to ‘lose sympathy’ by considering and then canceling participation in the Chelsea-Bayern Munich legend match scheduled in London on the 10th during the international match period. On the same day, ‘rival’ Japanese soccer won 4-1 away in Germany, proving their further growth since the round of 16 of last year’s World Cup. Naturally, concerns about Korean soccer stagnating under Coach Klinsmann’s regime are growing louder. Above all, everyone is becoming a victim due to the risk of supervision, so there is even public opinion about ‘early dismissal’.


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