Captain Magpie’ Seongnam Shim Dong-woon’s resolution “I will become the dream of baby magpies

‘Seongnam FC captain’ 스포츠토토 Shim Dong-woon (33) gritted his teeth while looking at his younger juniors.

Seongnam FC held a ceremony for the 2023 season at Onnuri Hall on the 1st floor of Seongnam City Hall in Gyeonggi-do on the afternoon of the 18th. This event, held four years after Corona 19, was attended by more than 500 fans, owner Shin Sang-shin, Seongnam Mayor Shin Sang-shin, coach Lee Ki-hyung, all players, youth players, and Seongnam National Assembly members.

The actual uniforms for the 2023 season were also available. Captain Shim Dong-woon, vice-captain Cho Seong-wook, and goalkeepers Choi Pil-soo and Jung Myung-je showed off the runway like models wearing different uniforms. All four of them had shy expressions, but they also took their own poses for the fans.

Shim Dong-woon, who came out wearing a black home uniform, expressed his strong determination. Having joined Seongnam on loan last summer, he signed a new contract ahead of this season and remained with the team. Coach Lee Gi-hyeong even entrusted him with the captain’s armband as a veteran striker from team youth.

Shim Dong-woon conveyed his spleen determination as a captain. He said, “Last year when the team was relegated, many players left the team. I think the fans will be very worried.” I can do it. I will try to show a really strong image and do my best on the playground,” he reassured the fans.

Then, Shim Dong-woon pointed to the youth soccer players and said, “Here are the baby magpies. When I was young, I also dreamed of becoming a soccer player while watching the coach. I will do my best so that the baby magpies can grow their dreams while watching our players.” .

He concluded his greeting by saying, “I hope many fans will come to the stadium. I promise that I will not show you losing helplessly like last year, or bowing your head in pain after losing.”

Vice-captain Cho Sung-wook and veteran goalkeeper Choi Pil-soo also helped each other. Both players promised to repay the fans’ support just like Shim Dong-woon.

Jo Seong-wook said, “Last year, fans came to the stadium, but there were many things to do with bowing their heads. This year, I will try to give you joy without such a thing. I will not give up no matter what the result is.” I trained hard. There was a lot of training. I will repay you with the performance you want.”

Lastly, Jung Myeong-je presented a smile to the fans with a witty promotion of the uniform. With the MC’s unexpected progress, he suddenly grabbed the microphone and while introducing the four uniforms one by one, he suddenly joked, “Please mark a few with my name”, making everyone laugh.


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