‘Buyout’ is behind the EPL offer of ‘2nd Kim Min-jae’ Kim Ji-soo… Member team, opponent team, and Kim Ji-soo are all ‘win-win-win’

 The keyword ‘buy-out’, which appears in every local article related to the transfer rumor of ‘Iron Pillar’ Kim Min-jae (27, Naples) to Manchester United, is now a familiar expression among fans. In sports, buyout usually refers to ‘an amount that can be negotiated with the player without the consent of the club if it exceeds a certain amount’. According to local reports, Napoli tried to somehow delete the buyout inserted in Kim Min-jae’s contract. It is interpreted that the judgment was made that the buyout amount, estimated at 45 million to 60 million euros (approximately 65.4 billion won to 87.3 billion won), was lower than Kim Min-jae’s actual market value.

But the buyout isn’t always a stumbling block. This is the case of U-20 national team representative defender Kim Ji-soo (19, Seongnam)토스카지노, who is called ‘the second Kim Min-jae’. Kim Ji-soo recently received an offer from English Premier League (EPL) club Brentford that includes a buyout ($700,000) and cell-on clause. 10,000 won) is a fairly low amount by European big league standards. Brentford would have thought it was a reasonable amount to invest in a teenage Korean defender with a lot of potential for growth. Investing in promising players on the European stage is common and natural. Just looking at Kim Min-jae, when he transferred from Guoan, Beijing, China to Turkiye Fenerbahce in 2021, the transfer fee was 3 million euros (current exchange rate of 4.36 billion won). However, the ransom price that appeared in recent media reports was 52 million pounds (about 86.8 billion won), which jumped about 20 times in two years.

Seongnam will have to let go of a promising youth player after two years of joining the pro team if his move to Brentford is confirmed this summer. It can be regrettable. However, Seongnam is said to have inserted a buyout clause worth $700,000 when Germany’s prestigious Bayern Munich approached Kim Ji-soo in January. He read the signs of an imminent advance into Europe and laid the groundwork to facilitate negotiations. Recognizing this condition, Brentford was the first to reach out. Seongnam, which is aiming for promotion to the first division, can use the amount of 900 million won as transfer funds to reinforce its power when Kim Ji-soo’s transfer is confirmed. After confirming Kim Ji-soo’s participation in the U-20 World Cup and the possibility of advancing to Europe, Seongnam completed the defense setup with newly recruited Patrick, Kim Jin-rae, and existing players such as Jo Sung-wook and Kim Hoon-min. Kim Ji-soo, who was absent from the World Cup currently held in Argentina, played in only one game this season.

Kim Ji-soo welcomes a summer full of excitement when he returns from the World Cup. The offer that arrived before the competition is not bad for Kim Ji-soo. Brentford may be the beginning. Depending on the performance of the World Cup, more clubs, clubs with higher name values, or clubs that offer an amount exceeding the buyout may appear. Already, the profile of Kim Ji-soo, the ‘second Kim Min-jae’, has been circulating all over Europe. If you leave a strong impression at the U-20 World Cup, where scouts from big clubs in Europe gather, your name and ransom will inevitably rise. Kim Ji-soo expressed his aspirations through the Korea Football Association, “I want to enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime event, the World Cup festival, for as long as possible.”


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