‘Busan return kicker’ victim says he never consented to release of his identity

A YouTuber has revealed the identity of her aunt, the perpetrator of the so-called “Busan back-kick incident,” saying that she would “share the pain with the victim,” but the victim has revealed that she never consented. Moreover, the victim is reportedly worried that the backlash from the disclosure will adversely affect her sentencing in the second trial next week.

“I never asked the YouTuber to reveal Mr. Lee’s identity,” the victim said, according to the JoongAng Daily, “nor did (the YouTuber) ask me for my opinion regarding the disclosure.” He also dismissed the video of his interview as “an additional crime.

“I wanted to disclose Mr. Lee’s identity to prevent further crimes,” she said of her interview video, “but I believed that the method should be legal메이저사이트. I said this (justification), but I didn’t realize that the YouTuber had revealed Lee’s identity until I watched the video.”

Lawyer Nam Eon-ho, the victim’s legal representative, said, “In the first trial, only the attempted murder charge was contested. In the second trial, the charge of attempted rape and murder was applied through DNA testing, and the sentence is nearing.” “As a victim, there is no reason for her to want to disclose her personal information that could provoke the court or cause public opinion ‘headwinds,'” he told JoongAng Ilbo.

Earlier, the YouTube channel Caracula Detective Agency posted a nine-minute video on Feb. 2 with Lee’s name, age, residence, height and criminal record. The channel, which has 740,000 subscribers, has received more than 5 million views of the video as of 5 p.m. KST. However, the channel is now facing the prospect of not being able to monetize the video after YouTube issued a monetization restriction notice 48 hours later, stating that it had received a “privacy complaint” on March 3.

Monetization restrictions can limit revenue for videos that violate YouTube’s guidelines, as well as for the entire channel on which they appear. If Caracula didn’t take down the revealing video or make it private, the entire channel’s revenue could be jeopardized. However, on the afternoon of May 5, two days after the video was posted, the video was still publicly available.

The video also includes an interview with the victim, Mr. A. He expressed his frustration that he had repeatedly asked the police and prosecutors to release Lee’s identity but was denied. In the video, the YouTuber explains that “the victim actively wants it, and I decided to release it after much deliberation in order to share the victim’s pain.” Anyone who watched the video could only assume that the victim, Ms. A, wanted Mr. Lee’s identity disclosed.

The Busan Kick Case is a crime in which Lee chased a woman in her 20s who was returning home from Seomyeon, Busanjin-gu, Busan at dawn on May 22 last year to an office elevator and assaulted her to the point of unconsciousness. In the first trial, Lee was sentenced to 12 years in prison for attempted murder. In the second trial, the charge was changed to attempted rape and murder due to additional evidence, including DNA test results. The prosecution is seeking 35 years in prison in the second trial and is scheduled to be sentenced on Dec. 12.


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