Brazilian media also illuminated, “There are 23 Brazilians in K League 1 alone” → ‘Expansion overseas · Living conditions · League level GOOD’

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It is difficult to return to the K-League메이저사이트 without Brazilians. This season too, many Brazilian players are playing in the K-League.

Brazilian media ‘TNT Sports’ pointed out about the ‘rush to the K-League’ of Brazilians that continues these days. ‘TNT Sports’ reported the current situation through an interview with Daejeon Hana Citizen Leandro.

“These days, Korean soccer is an ‘entrance’ for many Brazilians who want to play abroad. It’s a great country to live in. Korea has an increasingly competitive league that is growing. These factors influence the decision of players considering going to Korea. help.”

Going to the K-League has many advantages for Brazilians in many respects, such as the rising level of the K-League, better living conditions compared to any other country in the world, and an outpost for players dreaming of advancing overseas. Thanks to this, the Brazilian nationality has an overwhelming share in the K-League 1 this season.

‘TNT Sports’ pointed out the total number of Brazilians in K League 1, saying, “This season, 11 out of 12 K League 1 clubs have included Brazilian players in their squads. A total of 23 players are in K League 1.”

In the meantime, there have been countless Brazilians who have played in the K-League 1. As the foreigner quota has been expanded to 5+1, the phenomenon is expected to intensify. Also, as highlighted by the Brazilian media, the K-League is a ‘just right battlefield’ for Brazilians who want to pursue a career abroad.

There were many Brazilians who became stars in Korea in the past and advanced to another league. Representative examples include Lopez, Leonardo, and Edu, who were Jeonbuk Hyundai, Malkeng, who was Gyeongnam FC, Adriano, who was FC Seoul, and Jonathan, who was Suwon Samsung. Also, there is a type like Sejingya of Daegu FC who stays in the K-League 1 and maintains the class for a long time.


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