Bad news for Arsenal and Liverpool… ‘Supercomputer’ predicts Manchester City to win, securing Newcastle and Manchester United UCL tickets

 The supercomputer predicted that there would be no change in the English Premier League (EPL) ranking fight.

The EPL 2022-2023 season is coming to an end. Each team played 34-35 games. Manchester City (34 matches, 82 points) and Arsenal (35 matches, 81 points) are competing for the lead. Newcastle (65 points) and Manchester United (34 games, 63 points) 카지노사이트are in 3rd and 4th places, who will qualify for the UEFA Champions League next season. Liverpool (35 games, 62 points), which has recently rebounded, is chasing after.

According to the British media ’90min’, the supercomputer predicted the number of points that could be obtained in the remaining matches. There are no big changes. It is predicted that Man City will secure 9 points from 4 matches and reach 91 points. Arsenal were expected to have 87 points.

The same goes for the top 4. The supercomputer looked at Newcastle to secure 72 points and Manchester United to 71 points. Liverpool added 6 points from the remaining 3 games and stayed at 68 points, predicting that they will not win a ticket to the Champions League. Attention is focusing on whether the supercomputer’s predictions are correct.


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