Australia’s A-League also makes a second division… Scheduled for March 2024, the lift system will be introduced at a later date

According to Reuters news agency, the Australian Football Association (FFA) announced that it has entered the official work phase for the creation of the second division, scheduled to open in March 2024. The newly created A-League 2 Division will 메이저놀이터 serve as a new stage between the current A-League, which is the first division, and the National Premier League, an amateur semi-pro league.

Football Association of Australia CEO James Johnson said: “The creation of the Second Division is part of our 15-year vision for Australian football and our commitment to redefining football competition in Australia. there will be,” he said.

According to the current plan, 10 to 16 teams will participate in the second division of the A-League, and it will be played home and away. However, we do not plan to introduce an elevator system right away. It is planned to be introduced later after the A-League 2nd Division takes root properly. Through this attempt, it seems that we can expect to expand the base of the Australian club soccer world.


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