‘Attack and receive are the best’ Jeong Ji-seok “It was like a home game with the support of Koreans in Bahrain”

Also, Jeong Ji-seok was Jeong Ji-seok. Jeong Ji-seok (28), the native ace of men’s professional volleyball Korean Air and the best outside hitter in the V-League, proved his worth at the 2023 Asian Men’s Club Volleyball Championship, leading Korean Air to the quarterfinals.

On the 15th (local time), Korean Air scored a set score 3-0 (25-19 25-25-19) to Al-Ahli (Bahrain) with Jung Ji-seok’s outstanding performance in the second round of group A of the tournament group stage held at Isa Sports City Stadium in Manama, Bahrain. 21 25-22).

Jeong Ji-seok, who warmed up only in the warm-up zone against Australia’s Canberra Heat the previous day, started the game that day.안전놀이터 Al-Ahli, who has joined several short-term contract players, including Yosbani Hernandez (Cuba), who was nominated by Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance in the foreign player tryout, and Gabriel Candido (Brazil), who participated in the tryout and showed decent offensive power, is formidable. It is analyzed that the team’s ace, Jeong Ji-seok, was scrambled.

Jeong Ji-seok attempted 22 attacks, the most in the team, and succeeded in 15, showing a movement worthy of a main gun. In particular, after succeeding in a quick open in a 22-22 tie situation in the second half of the 3rd set that decided the game, he blocked Candido’s straight line attack, clearly proving why he is considered the best outside hitter in Korea. Jeong Ji-seok, who scored 17 points (attack success rate of 68%), including 2 blockings, also received 31 receives, the most in the team, and delivered 15 over the head of the setter, showing the aspect of a good offensive and defensive player.

About 30 Koreans from Bahrain visited the stadium that day and cheered for Korean Air. The day before Korean Air played its first game (14th), 30 to 40 Koreans came to the gym. Crews working for the local Gulf Air also visited the stadium to help. Children cheered in Taekwondo uniforms.

In an interview with the reporters who visited the scene after the game, Jung Ji-seok said, “It’s really energizing to support me like this while running abroad.” They cheered as if they were the home team. I am really grateful that the sound of ‘Dae-Hanmin-guk’ did not stop,” he said.

Jeong Ji-seok said about Al-Ahli’s power, “It was intimidating to see players that our players knew well joined as foreign players.” “The players prepared a little quickly without having time to communicate. I aimed for this part, but it seems to have worked well,” he explained. On this day, Jung Ji-seok also showed off his al-Ahli receive by using a surprise floater serve instead of his usual spike serve during the game.

This tournament is being held with the Mikasa Ball, the official ball for international competitions, which has less elasticity than the Star Ball, the V-League official ball. Jeong Ji-seok said, “I can feel the characteristics of Mikasa’s ball when attacking or serving.” So the basics are more important. Manager Tommy Tilikhainen said that a floater serve would be more advantageous, and that’s probably why.”


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