‘Ankle ligament rupture’ Jeon Kwang-in, unlikely to be able to play spring volleyball… Hyundai Capital’s first prize

the team, outside hitter Jeon Kwang-in, who served as an ace with apogee spiker Heo Soo-bong, is unlikely to be able to play in the postseason. am. For Hyundai Capital, it faced a huge bad news ahead of spring volleyball.

On the afternoon of the 10th, through the club’s official social media, Hyundai Capital said, “We will deliver the results of a detailed examination on the 10th regarding the injury of Jeon Kwang-in during the game the previous day. “I was told that I needed 3-4 weeks of treatment,” he said.

I hoped it wasn’t a big injury… but my concerns became a reality.

Hyundai Capital scored a set score of 0-3 (21-25, 21-25, 20-25, 22-25). 2nd place Hyundai Capital (22-12 losses, 66 points) failed to gain points and could not reduce the difference with the leader Korean Air (24-9 losses, 71 points).

However, the thing that bothered me more than the defeat on this day was the injury of Jeon Gwang-in. In the first set, Jeon Kwang-in, who jumped to block KEPCO Seo Jae-deok’s attack, collided with Seo Jae-deok in the process of landing and broke his right ankle.

Sensing that it was not a minor injury, players from both teams and the bench looked at Jeon Kwang-in with worried eyes. After lying on the court for a while and complaining of pain, he got up on his own and got out of the court with support. His injured right foot was unable to step on the floor.

The player who was most surprised by the injury that occurred during the game was Seo Jae-deok. I felt uncomfortable throughout the game because he was closer to Jeon Kwang-in than anyone else, such as once eating rice in a pot at KEPCO메이저사이트. After the game, the shock was so great that he refused to even receive an MVP interview from a broadcasting station.

After the game, Hyundai Capital coach Choi Tae-woong and KEPCO coach Kwon Young-min, who responded to the interview with the reporters, prayed for a speedy recovery for Jeon Kwang-in, who was injured, rather than commenting on the details or results of the game.

Hyundai Capital needs to prepare for spring volleyball without electricians

When the regular league schedule ends on the 19th, the postseason will be held starting with the women’s semi-playoff on the 21st. In the case of the men’s division, the semi-playoffs will be held on the 22nd, and the first leg of the playoffs will be held on the 24th.

Hyundai Capital, which lost first place in the regular league after a complete defeat in the Korean Air match on the 6th, is highly likely to keep its second place. This is because Korean Air will be confirmed to win the regular league even if it earns just one point in the KB Insurance match on the 10th.

If so, it is certain that Hyundai Capital’s spring volleyball start date will be March 24th. The remaining period is exactly 2 weeks, and the jeonwang-in who needs to be treated for at least 3 weeks can’t realistically compete in the playoffs. Even if Hyundai Capital advances to the championship match, it seems impossible to improve its physical condition until the 30th, when the first leg of the championship match will be held.

We need to find an alternative to fill the void of the electric man. As of now, there is no choice but to prepare for the postseason by digesting the rest of the season centering around Oreol Cameho (registered name Oreol), the main outside hitter, and Kim Seon-ho and Hong Dong-seon.

However, it doesn’t seem easy to fill the void no matter who plays the starting lineup. Moreover, it is regrettable that we have to face the postseason without an electrician with a lot of experience in big games. Hyundai Capital manager Choi Tae-woong, whose atmosphere has subsided since he moved away from the leading competition, deepened his concerns.


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