Amano Korea signed a sponsorship contract with KLPGA Choi Eun-woo and Kim Yeon-hee

Choi Eun-woo and Kim Yeon-hee, who are active on the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour, signed a sponsorship contract with Amano Korea, a parking solution company.

On the 29th, at the KINTEX security exhibition in Ilsan메이저사이트, Gyeonggi-do, Amano Korea signed a sponsorship agreement with Choi Eun-woo and Kim Yeon-hee. Representative Jeon Myung-jin, Choi Eun-woo, and Kim Yeon-hee attended the signing ceremony. This season, Choi Eun-woo and Kim Yeon-hee will wear caps and clothing with the Amano logo to the game, and will actively act as corporate and brand ambassadors.

Amano Korea is a specialized parking solution company that develops and produces all smart technologies and systems for parking lots, such as parking control system, parking guidance, video positioning system, electric vehicle charger, and camera-based security solution, with 23 branches and branches nationwide. occupies a dominant position in

Debuting on the KLPGA Tour in 2014, Choi Eun-woo, who has been on the regular tour for 9 years, finished the season with 34th place in regular tour prize money, including winning the top 10 three times last year. Choi Eun-woo said, “I am happy to join Amano as a founding member. As much as he is with a new sponsor, he will do his best this season with the goal of winning his first win,” he said, expressing his aspirations to join.

Kim Yeon-hee, who debuted as a rookie on the regular tour this season, secured the right to full seed on the regular tour by placing 12th in the Dream Tour prize money for the 2022 season. Kim Yeon-hee said, “As much as Amano trusted and supported me, I will try to establish myself on the regular tour along with the KLPGA Rookie of the Year.”

Jeon Myung-jin, CEO of Amano Korea, said, “Amano Korea will provide unsparing support so that Choi Eun-woo and Kim Yeon-hee can display their best skills on the KLPGA Tour.”


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