‘After 87 years?’ Only 6 people ever made it, Freeman challenging the ‘great record’

Los Angeles Dodgers Freddy Freeman (34) challenges a record.

In a home game against the Arizona Diamondbacks held on the 31st (Korean time) at Dodger Stadium in California, USA, Freeman started as the first baseman with the second batter, 2 hits in 4 at-bats (1 home run) and 2 RBIs, contributing to a 7-0 victory. added Freeman, who has a batting average of 0.400 (12 hits in 30 at-bats) in the last 7 games, raised his batting average to 0.338 for the season. He narrowed the gap with National League (NL) batting leader Luis Araes (Miami Marlins, 0.349).안전놀이터

Against the Dodgers, Freeman exploded his 51st double of the season. At the end of the 4th inning with a 4-0 lead, he caught Arizona right-hander Brandon Pout’s low curve on the 4th pitch with one out and first base, and connected it with a long hit to right field. Freeman is pushing his record even further after hitting the 50th double of his season against Boston on the 28th. The focus is on whether he will be able to achieve ’60 season doubles’ that no one has conquered for over 80 years.

According to MLB.com, the official website of the Major League Baseball (MLB), there are only six players in MLB history who have hit 60 doubles in a season. The record for the division was 67 by Earl Webb (then Boston Red Sox) in 1931. Following this, Joe Madwick in 1936 (then St. Louis Cardinals, 64) 1926 George Burns (then Cleveland Indians, 64) 1934 Hank Greenberg (then Detroit Tigers, 63) Paul Warner in 1932 (Pittsburgh Pirates, 62) In 1936, Charlie Herringer (then Detroit, 60) followed. MLB.com added, “Four out of six players (Herringer, Greenberg, Madwick, Warner) have been named to the Hall of Fame.”

Nick Castellanos (58) in 2019, Jose Ramirez (56) in 2017 and Matt Carpenter (55) in 2013 came close to the record but failed to achieve it.

Freeman is a superstar from the 2020 National League Most Valuable Player (MVP). He boasts a splendid personal career, including 7 All-Stars and 3 Silverslers. His career (14 years) was a batting average of 0.301 (2081 hits in 6905 at-bats), 317 homers and 1130 RBIs. With 465 career doubles, he is second only to Miguel Cabrera (Detroit, 622) among active players.


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