A nursing officer who left his place of work and found a unit belonging to ‘BTS Jin’… Army “Strict Measures”

The Army is investigating a 20-year-old nursing officer for leaving the workplace without permission.

According to military authorities메이저사이트, an army division nursing officer left the unit without permission in January and found Kim Seok-jin, aka Jin, a member of the group BTS .

Regarding this, the Army said, “A legal investigation is underway after the division inspection investigation into the related matter, and we will take strict action according to the results.”

Regarding the allegation that she left the workplace to meet Kim during the investigation, the nursing officer stated that she had never met Kim, and that she had gone to help in good faith because the vaccination work in Kim’s unit was busy at the time.

Suspicion was also raised that he had previously conspired with another nursing officer from the unit to visit Kim’s unit, but the investigation by the military inspection confirmed that it was not true.

The Military Criminal Act stipulates that leaving the place of work without permission is punishable by imprisonment or imprisonment for up to one year or a fine of up to 3 million won.


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