A man who picked up a 30 million won diamond bracelet…caught on CCTV like this

Police analyzed CCTV footage of a woman in her 50s who lost a 30 million won diamond bracelet and found the person who picked it up.

According to the Gwangjin Police Station in Seoul on the 20th안전놀이터, a report was received on the 18th that a diamond bracelet worth 30 million won was missing.

Ms. A, a woman in her 50s who lost the bracelet when she went out to meet an acquaintance, said she searched along the route she had walked, but was unable to find it.

(Photo: Getty Images Korea)
As the CCTV footage did not show the bracelet falling, which could have led the investigation into a quagmire, the police focused their attention on the person who bent down. They reasoned that if the bracelet had fallen, someone would have picked it up.

At 5 p.m., police were able to spot a suspicious man bending down on the street in front of a cafe.

In the video, the man got into his truck, which was parked nearby. When police identified the truck, they checked the storage compartment and found a diamond bracelet.

The man reportedly told police that he kept the bracelet because he “thought it was a toy.”

Police are investigating the man for possession of stolen property. A person is charged with possession of stolen property when they take something that has been spilled by someone else without reporting it.

According to the Lost Property Act, a person who acquires an item that has been lost by another person must promptly submit it to the police, and if no one returns it for six months, the person can acquire ownership. A person who embezzles a lost item without reporting it can be punished by imprisonment for up to one year or a fine of up to 3 million won under the Criminal Code’s embezzlement of occupied property.


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