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A battle of strategy between Generation M and Generation Z in the world of Baduk… 2022-2023 Hana Bank MZ Go Super Match opens

Korea Kiwon opens the 2022-2023 Hana Bank MZ Go Super Match, which is played by the MZ generation in the Go world, targeting the future growth engine and the MZ generation that values ​​consumption.

Generation MZ refers to the millennials born in the early 1980s to the mid-1990s and the generation Z born in the late 1990s to early 2000s. They pursue the latest trends and are familiar with the digital environment.

The representative professional players of Generation M are Kang Dong-yoon, born in 1989, Park Jeong-hwan, born in 1993, and Choi Jeong, born in 1996, 9th Dan.

The tournament, which will be held in a 5-5 winning streak between Generation M and Generation Z, begins on the 27th with the preliminaries. Five players from each generation will be made up of 1 ranking seed, 1 sponsor seed, and 3 qualifiers, for a total of 10 players.

As for the ranking seed, Park Jeong-hwan was selected for M generation and Shin Jin-seo for Z generation according to the rules of the competition in which top rankers are automatically selected as of December when the tournament was announced. Sid, the sponsor, went back to Choi Jeong and Oh Yujin.

The preliminary round to select six people, three from each generation, will be held from the 27th to the 29th. Of the 408 professional knights belonging to the Korea Kiwon, a total of 313 belong to that generation.토토사이트

The finals will be broadcast live nationwide through digital platforms such as Go TV and YouTube from January 6 next year until March. The time limit is a time accumulation method (Fisher method) in which each player is given 20 minutes and 20 seconds of additional time, and the winning prize is 70 million won.

Through this competition, participating athletes plan to participate in realizing social responsibility values ​​through sports by raising donations. The amount of donations multiplied by 10,000 won by the final procedure for each game is accumulated, and donations in the name of the winning team are added. The accumulated donations will be used for the underprivileged in the community. The 2022~2023 Hana Bank MZ Baduk Super Match is sponsored by Hana Bank, hosted and supervised by Korea Kiwon, and hosted by Baduk TV.