8 wins-Replacement due to durability even with ERA 2.47? There is a team that abandoned the weak 10-win odds king and brought in a 15-win pitcher 

 KIA Tigers made a decision after much thought. Looking at the results, it seemed like it would be okay to renew the contract, but KIA’s choice was replacement.

KIA signed a contract with right-hander Adonis Medina on the 11th. With the recruitment of Medina, who throws a fast ball over 150km, KIA can operate a fastball right-handed one-two punch with Shawn Anderson, who has already been brought in. The composition of the starting lineup has been diversified, with two right-handers such as Lim Ki-young, two left-handers, and one sidearm, along with left-handers such as ace Yang Hyeon-jong and growing Lee Eui-ri.

The replacement of Panoni was expected to some extent. Panoni, who came as a substitute, recorded 3 wins and 4 losses with an ERA of 2.72 in 14 games, but he was not convinced that he would produce good results next season because he did not show an overwhelming performance. Nolin was different

. He pitched 124 innings in 21 games this season, posting a solid record of 8-8 with an earned run average of 2.47. Nolin took two months off due to a calf muscle rupture after the NC game on May 20, and returned only to the NC game on July 27. He could have been in double digits if he hadn’t been injured.

KIA had good grades with Nolin, but he was not a good pitcher and he was worried about his poor durability, and eventually chose to replace him.

Even for a foreign pitcher, it is not easy to play the full season of the KBO League without difficulty. In the KBO League, which runs 144 games without a break, foreign players who mainly played in the minor leagues do not have much experience in playing a full season without a break.

The presence of foreign pitchers in the KBO League is absolute. He has to throw well, but it’s also important to stay consistent in the starting rotation. It was judged that a pitcher who can throw a full season in good health is better than carrying Nolin, who is at risk of injury, anxiously. 토토사이트

He threw well like Nolin, but there was a case a year ago where he failed to renew his contract. It is that the LG Twins did not renew the contract with Andrew Suarez, who was the odds king last year. Suarez recorded 10 wins, 2 losses, and an average ERA of 2.18 in 23 games. Also, due to injury, he could not play many games, and the number of innings remained at 115⅓ ​​innings. But when he got out, he threw well.

Looking at the record, it was natural to renew the contract, but LG changed its direction and chose Adam Plutko, who has good durability. The result was a great success. Although Plutko suffered a back injury at the end of the season, he pitched 162 innings in 28 games, posting a record of 15 wins and 5 losses with an ERA of 2.39, tied for second in most wins and third in ERA. He will renew his contract for 1.3 million dollars and play for LG next season.

Will KIA’s choice come back with a successful result? Right now, I erased my anxiety about injury and started.


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