609 regular article practical exam candidates shredded test papers before grading

Hundreds of candidates’ answer sheets were found to have been shredded before grading in the first practical examination for the 2023 regular driver and industrial engineer certifications administered by the Korea Manpower Institute안전놀이터.

The Korea International Trade Organization (KITO) has revealed that the answer sheets of 609 candidates for 61 certifications who took the exam at Yeonsu Middle School in Seoul were shredded before grading, in connection with a practical exam held on March 23.

The agency said that after the practical exam, the test papers were transported in bags to the agency’s Seoul West office, but a mistake occurred during the handover process and the papers were shredded instead of being handed over to the scoring center.

The corporation plans to contact all 609 candidates whose test papers were shredded individually to apologize and explain its follow-up measures, including providing additional test opportunities from June 1 to 4 next month and announcing the successful candidates on June 9, the same day as the original announcement of the first practical test.

Remote candidates will be allowed to take the exam at a nearby industrial park branch.

The ministry also announced that it will provide an additional examination opportunity between June 24 and 25 for those who cannot take the test between June 1 and 4, and refund the fee for those who do not take the test.

Mr. Eo Soo-bong, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Korea Employment Service, said that he felt a heavy sense of responsibility for what happened and apologized for the damage caused to the test takers, and said that he would quickly come up with a reasonable compensation plan.

He also said that a special investigation will be conducted to take strict action against those responsible for the mistake, including reprimanding them, and that the entire process of implementing the National Technical Qualification will be reviewed to prevent similar cases from recurring.


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