28-11′ KGC finished the game in 3Q, coach Kim Sang-shik “One of the best performances this season”

Anyang KGC won 82-65 in an away game against Goyang Carrot in the 5th round of the 2022-23 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball held at Goyang Gymnasium on the 2nd, winning three consecutive wins of the season.

KGC coach Kim Sang-sik said after the game, “It was a completely different result from the last 4 rounds. The defense was strong and the offense was effective. After a successful defense, the quick attack worked well,” he said. “When we took a small lineup centered on (Yang) Hee-jong, we played switch defense, but it was a good match to not get hit outside even if we gave points inside.”

“Carrot’s three-point shot goes really scary when it goes in. So even if the 3-point shot is correct, I tried to make it as difficult as possible. I think the switch defense worked well and it became a good defense overall.”

The switch defense centered on Yang Hee-jong and Moon Seong-gon was forced to face great pressure from Carrot’s point of view, which had no advantage in terms of size. In other words, director Kim enjoyed the desired effect. In particular, Yang 메이저놀이터 Hee-jong showed the best defense and cut Carrot’s boasted offensive power in half.

Coach Kim said, “Hee-jong is a very good defensive player. He’s good at perimeter defense, but he’s good at holding out in the post. (Didrick) We judged that if Lawson was blocked by Hee-jong, even if he gave 2 points, it would be better than giving away the 3 points derived from it. He gave it to me once and he did really well. (Moon) Seonggon did the same well,” he said.

At the same time, he laughed, saying, “This time, it seems that our players ran to win.”

If there was one moment when KGC was able to win, it was definitely the 3rd quarter. It was overwhelming enough to record a 15-0 score run. In particular, it reminded me of the early part of the second half of 「Slam Dunk」 where Sanwang High School put a lot of pressure on Buksan High School. The process was different, but the result of losing the will to fight was the same.

Coach Kim said, “If you look at the performance in the third quarter, our players are very proud. One of the best this season. He played really good defense. I want to praise you and I am very grateful.”

KGC’s performance this season has a lot of ups and downs. But even when it’s not good, they are the winners in the end. Now even the ups and downs are much reduced. KGC, the king of short races, is now proving that it can show off its above-average performance even in long races.

Coach Kim said, “Like the last KCC game, I feel a little rushed when I am winning (laughs). There are still many important games left, so I will go slowly while refraining from self-control.”


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