2023 key player staggered contrast. There is nothing more than the side of the foreigner Dean. Lee Jae-won joins the remaining army due to muscle microdamage 

The contrast between the two right-handed hitters who will decide the fate of the LG Twins’ 2023 season has been divided.

At the end of the Arizona spring camp, foreign hitter Austin Dean, who was unable to play in practice due to left side pain, and prospect Lee Jae-won, had different results from hospital examinations. Lee Jae-won was found to have microscopic damage to his side muscles, and Dean was found to have no major problems.

LG returned to Korea on the 6th and had its first training in Korea at Jamsil Stadium on the 8th after a day off. Although the sun was covered by clouds메이저사이트, we trained normally in not cold weather. Foreign pitchers Casey Kelly and Adam Plutko prepared for the demonstration game by pitching in the bullpen.

On this day, foreign batter Dean appeared, but Lee Jae-won did not.

Director Yeom Gyeong-yeop of LG said, “During a detailed examination, Lee Jae-won said he had some muscle damage.” Then, “I thought Dean would be a little better, but he said there was no problem,” said coach Yeom, “I don’t think there will be any problem in participating in the demonstration game.”

Dean and Lee Jae-won are players who must succeed in order to win this season. Despite having a chance to win the championship in the last two years, LG, which unfortunately did not reach the championship due to the sluggishness of foreign hitters, found a foreign hitter with good hitting regardless of position and recruited outfielder Dean. With Dean’s arrival, Moon Seong-joo, who posted a batting average of 30% and an on-base percentage of 40% last season, became a backup, not a starting player.

Lee Jae-won is a promising prospect who won the Futures home run king for two consecutive years in the 2020 and 2021 seasons, and his potential was recognized by hitting 13 home runs in the first team last year. Initially, he planned to enlist in the military this season and applied for the position, but after director Yeom Gyeong-yeop took office, he revealed his intention to raise him like Park Byeong-ho, and after an interview, he decided to postpone his enlistment and wear the LG uniform for another year. Director Yeom also gave Chae Eun-seong, who left as a free agent, a first baseman position to raise Lee Jae-won.

I haven’t seen either of them in action yet. At the end of spring camp, both felt pain in their left side. Dean, who was diagnosed with no problems, was able to have time to adapt to Korean baseball by playing from the beginning of the exhibition game.

On the other hand, Lee Jae-won will focus on recovering from his injury for the time being. Director Yeom said, “The first time you get sick, you have to treat it perfectly so it doesn’t recur,” he said. For the time being, Song Chan-eui will take the first base spot without Lee Jae-won. Coach Yeom said, “If Lee Jae-won gets better as planned, he will be able to participate in four exhibition games after technical training.”


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