“200 days of tears in Itaewon have passed”… Across the special law May processing water

200 days have passed since the October 29 Itaewon disaster, but the establishment of an independent fact-finding organization and the processing of the Itaewon Special Act, which focuses on supporting victims, is being delayed due to the opposition of the people메이저놀이터. The Democratic Party of Korea promised to push for a special law at the plenary session in June at a meeting with the bereaved families of the victims.

According to an official from the National Assembly’s Public Administration and Security Committee on the 20th, the Democratic Party planned to introduce the Itaewon Special Act as a bill for the plenary session to be held on the 25th, but it was reported that it was canceled. An official said, “I requested the power of the people to make a presentation at the plenary meeting in May, but it was canceled because there (the power of the people) opposed it.”

The previous day, Democratic Party floor leader Park Kwang-on held a meeting with the families of the victims of the Itaewon disaster at the National Assembly and put effort into passing the special law. “On the 200th day of the (disaster), I recommend that the state actively pay tribute and restore damage,” Park said. At the same time, he promised, “We will do our best to make the discussion on the Itaewon disaster special law urgently” and “the Democratic Party will work together to establish an independent investigation body to clearly reveal the truth of the day.”

On this day, Lee Jeong-min, acting representative of the Itaewon Disaster Families Council, said, “This bill is not a bill for political dispute. The reason the bereaved families are raising their voices in such a difficult and difficult way is because they lost their family members and because the country is not safe, the families appeal.”

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On the 20th of last month, six months after the disaster occurred, the four opposition parties (Democratic Party, Justice Party, Basic Income Party, Progressive Party) set up an independent truth-telling organization and support for victims in the ’10/29 Itaewon Massacre Victims’ Rights Protection, Truth Investigation and They jointly initiated a special bill to prevent recurrence. However, the power of the people is openly opposed to the bill for reasons such as the method of recommending special advisors and the range of victims. At an in-hospital countermeasure meeting held after the Itaewon disaster special bill was proposed, Park Dae-dal, chairman of the People’s Power Policy Committee, said, “The special law submitted by the 4 opposition parties has as many problems as the three special laws related to the Sewol ferry disaster combined.” It is overly biased from the composition.”

Because of this, the special law is not even discussed in the relevant standing committee, the Public Administration and Security Commission. An official from the opposition party’s Public Security Committee said, “(In order to be presented to the standing committee), there must be an agreement between the chairman and the secretaries of the ruling and opposition parties, but there is no discussion because the chairman of the Public Security Committee (Rep. Je-won Jang) belongs to the ruling party.” After being replaced as the chairman of the Public Administration Committee, there is a possibility to discuss it,” he explained.

However, even if the special law passes the standing committee, there is a high possibility that it will be blocked by the judiciary committee. It is because the belonging of Kim Do-eup, the chairman of the judiciary, is the power of the people. For this reason, it is possible to deal with it only when the Democratic Party draws an agreement with the government and the ruling party or shows a strong will, such as direct referral to the plenary session with the power of the majority party. Therefore, it seems that the will of the Democratic Party leadership to pass will become important. Regarding this, Kim Gyo-heung, the secretary of the opposition party of the Haeng-An Committee, said at the back briefing of the bereaved family meeting the day before, “


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