‘174cm rookie’ LG sidearm, maximum 146km scoreless… Yeomgalyang praise, not lip service

 The coach’s praise before the spring camp was not useless lip service. There is also a spot for the opening entry.안전놀이터

LG Twins rookie sidearm pitcher Park Myeong-geun played well against the LA Dodgers in a practice game.

On the 2nd (Korean time), LG played a practice game against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Camelback Ranch in Glendale, Arizona, USA, and lost 1-6.

LG was the power that Kim Hyun-soo, Oh Ji-hwan, Park Hae-min, Ko Woo-seok, Jung Woo-young, and Kim Yun-sik were convened to the WBC national team. The second practice game at the camp, the hitter’s sense of practice is dull.

As agreed upon by both teams before the game, the number of pitches per pitcher was limited to 20 per inning. Even if the out count is not 3 outs, it ends when the number of pitches exceeds 20 and goes to the next inning.

Park Myung-geun took the mound 7 times following Kelly (2 innings) – Plutko (2 innings) – Lee Min-ho (1 inning) – Kang Hyo-jong (1 inning). He threw 21 balls against 5 batters and got 3 outs.

Ramos, the first batter, got on base due to an error by the third baseman. In his first appearance at the camp, the lead batter made an error and was likely to be shaken psychologically, but Park Myung-geun was courageous.

With no outs and 1st base, Freeland struck out looking, and Lewis got 2 outs with a floating ball from 2nd baseman. In the second out and first base, Reed reached base with a ball that hit the body, but Jose ended the inning without conceding a run due to a foul fly to right field.

Sidearm Park Myung-geun’s highest speed was 146 km. The match was played in very cold weather with strong winds. It was his first actual match, and considering the weather conditions, his speed was good.

The highest speed among LG pitchers on this day was Kang Hyo-jong’s 148 km. Park Myung-geun recorded the second fastest best speed. Plutko also threw a maximum of 146 km.

Park Myung-geun was the only rookie to participate in the spring camp. Although he is 174 cm tall, he threw a fastball that exceeded 150 km during high school and was evaluated as good at throwing it.

Director Yeom Gyeong-yeop even praised Park Myung-geun, saying, “It is possible to enter the opening game,” while taking Park Myung-geun to the camp. With the same sidearm, national team member Jung Woo-young trained with Park Myeong-geun as a catch ball partner at the beginning of the camp. Jung Woo-young praised Park Myung-geun, saying, “Park Myung-geun’s ball doesn’t deviate from the chest and his control is good.”

Even after the game that day, Manager Yeom’s praise continued. He said, “Park Myeong-geun, the only rookie to join, showed a lot of good points in the set position. Even though it was his first game, his speed went up to 146 km, and his slider and curveball pitches were also highly evaluated, raising expectations.” Park said, “First game today

. It was a contest, but it seems that I haven’t come up to the condition I thought it was perfect yet. I will prepare well until the demonstration game and adjust my condition well. Also, it was amazing to play the first game with major league players, especially seeing the (opponent) sidearm pitcher, and once again feeling the superiority of his physical condition and skills, and it was a good experience.


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