‘159km bang!’ Yankees 423.5 billion ace, 9 innings 10K scoreless victory… Accomplished 4th complete shutout

New York Yankees Gerrit Cole (33메이저사이트) achieved his 4th shutout victory in his career. 

On the 17th (Korean time), Cole started the game against the Minnesota Twins at Yankee Stadium in New York, New York, USA, and recorded a victory with 2 hits, 1 walk and 10 strikeouts in 9 innings. He was responsible until the 9th inning alone and harvested his 4th win of the season with a complete shutout. 

Cole, who signed a nine-year, $324 million contract with the Yankees in December 2019, has not been satisfactory over the past two years. But he has a very good start this season. He has 4 wins in 4 games (28⅓ innings) and an earned run average of 0.95. His strikeouts with 32 are second in the American League. 

Cole, who recorded 109 pitches, used four-seam (57 pitches), knuckle curve (24 pitches), slider (21 pitches), and changeup (7 pitches). The four-seam’s highest speed reached 99.0 miles (159.3 km) per hour, and the average speed was 97.0 miles (156.1 km). On this day, Cole threw an overwhelming ball with a miss rate of 33%, and Minnesota batters could not even touch Cole’s ball properly. 

The Yankees took the lead in the 3rd inning with 2 outs on 1st and 2nd base, with DJ LeMayhue hitting an RBI in a timely manner. In the sixth inning, LeMayhew added another run with a solo home run. Two runs were enough for the Yankees to win, as Cole didn’t give up a run until the ninth. The Yankees went on a two-game winning streak with the win. 

Minnesota is on a two-game losing streak. Starting pitcher Pablo Lopes struggled with 7 hits (1 home run), 1 walk, 7 strikeouts and 2 runs in 6 innings, but the other line failed to score, so he knelt down in the starting matchup with Cole. 


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