‘13-year-old figure skating prospect’ Hwang Jeong-yul ranks 5th in Junior GP debut

Hwang Jeong-yul (Sangmyeong Middle School), a 13-year-old figure skating prospect, ranked 5th in the International Skating Union (ISU) Figure Skating Junior Grand Prix, where she competed for the first time.

Jeongyul Hwang scored 111.33 points, including 58 technical points (TES), 54.33 artistic points (PCS), and 1 deduction point, in the women’s single free skating at the 4th competition of the ISU Figure Skating Junior Grand Prix of the 2023-2024 season held in Osaka, Japan on the 16th. received.

With a final total of 172.42 points combined with her short program score of 61.09 points, Hwang Jeong-yul finished the competition in 5th place.

Hwang Jeong-yul, a young prospect born in 2010, took 7th place in the women’s singles qualifying event for the Junior Grand Prix held last July. Qualifying for the ISU Junior Grand Prix this season, she placed fifth in her debut.

Jeongyul Hwang attempted her first task, a triple toe loop + triple toe loop combination jump, but she fell on the ice. She made up for her previous mistake by cleanly jumping the triple Lutz + double toe loop + double loop combination jump. In the double axel, she showed off her wit by performing a triple toe loop as a follow-up jump.온라인바카라

In the second half of the jump, where 10% of additional points are given, the Triple Lutz was underrotated (when the jump rotation is less than 90 degrees and less than 180 degrees). In the triple flip + double axel sequence, the first jump was judged as attention (marked with !: Be careful of using the wrong skate edge), and the double axel was judged as a quarter landing (when the jump rotation is less than 90 degrees). The final jump, the triple Salchow, was completed without mistakes.

In the non-jumping element, the Flying Change Foot Combination Spin, Flying Camel Spin, and Change Foot Combination Spin all received the highest grade of level 4. In the Coreo sequence, a score of execution (GOE) of 1 was obtained.

Han Hee-soo (15, Seonil Girls’ Middle School), who also participated, ranked 11th with 145.65 points.

Mao Shimada (Japan), the current strongest female figure skating junior, won this competition. He displayed an overwhelming performance and won the gold medal with 213.86 points.

The team of Ji-ni Kim and Namu Lee (Gyeonggi Provincial Skating Federation), who participated in the ice dance free dance held earlier, received 72.35 points. Ji-ni Kim and Namu Lee, who received a final total of 120.9 points, ended the competition in 10th place.


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